Demystifying International Criminal Records – Part 1

By Terry Corley, Aletheia Consulting Group

Legal implications for international criminal records research are not as complex as one might imagine, however for U.S. based screeners and MNCs they do involve the intersection of U.S. and the application of local law. When addressing an organization based entirely outside of the U.S. than other considerations need to be taken in to account. However, with that said, there are essential considerations employers and screeners must be aware of; (1) how, (2) where criminal information is acquired, (3) transmitted, and (4) utilized during the recruitment and selection process by all parties concerned.

International Criminal RecordsThe last few weeks posts I’ve shared a sampling of Country Background Screening Essentials from Mexico to Japan. My coming posts will cover an overview of subjects such as legal implications of doing overseas criminal record checks, acquiring data based on legal status, transmitting international criminal records overseas, sources of criminal information, methods of data acquisition, commons uses of criminal records from overseas government agencies, and finally a sampling of country reports from the four corners of the globe.

I would like to hear from some of our readers which countries they’d like to learn more about. Please email your country requests to

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