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South African Police Clearance Certificate obtained through corruption

Former South African police constable was recently found guilty of corruption for selling “clean” police clearance certificates. Through various South African media sources, a former police constable was fined R10,000 or six months in prison for corruption by the Bellville Specialized Commercial Crime Court this past Monday.

Thanduxolo Mbeke, 31, was sentenced to an additional two years in jail. According to court records, Mbeke accepted a R1500 bribe for a police clearance certificate. He subsequently pleaded guilty.

In November of last year, the Western Cape directorate for public prosecutions authorized a sting operation after Mbeke requested R2000 from bus owner Moosa Moolla.

Moolla reported Mbeke immediately to the Cape Town Central vehicle identification section (VIS), which assisted in the arrest.

A month later, Moolla returned to the VIS and gave Mbeke the money who accepted it and immediately issued a “clean” police clearance certificate without actually checking Moolla’s records.

Conclusion: this recent story exemplifies the need for global and transnational organizations to ensure that screening providers of international or global background screening services comply with required Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Anti-Bribery compliance requirements. For assistance in evaluating such risk please feel free to contact us.

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