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Five African Nationals Arrested for Fake Visas, Passports, and Counterfeit Currency

Five foreign nationals from Africa in India, including a woman, were arrested in the national capital for allegedly providing fake passports and visas, police officials said Friday.

“Gabriel Olawale Ajisafe, Sunny Odigie Sunday, Enwere Okethukwa Kelvin Enwere from Nigeria, Karolin Cherotich from Kenya, Augustine John Johm Kwaku Kyare from Ghana were arrested Wednesday from the Golchha theatre in Daryaganj and Ganesh Nagar,” said an official from Delhi Police.

It is believed that there were at least two more similar units functioning out of west Delhi, a place that has a high concentration of foreigners.

Around 120 fake passports, 300 Visas, and $22,000 USD worth in counterfeit US currency were recovered from the accused. “The mastermind of the gang was identified as Gabriel Olawale Ajisafe, 52. Ajisafe has been residing in Delhi for the last 30 years,” police officials add.

Sources said the east Delhi gang had operated from rented apartments and kept shifting to avoid detection. The gang spread its “message” in a unique manner. “The gang would arrange for fake passports for a certain client and offered them nominal discounts (the charges were anywhere between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000) if they spread the word about their ‘good work’ to the rest of their contacts. The gang also kept in regular touch with Indian “touts“, who would inform the gang about potential clients from FRRO, the passport cell and even local courts,” claimed a source

The arrests come days after the cops busted one of the biggest such networks run by Pakistan-based Kana and recovered fake currencies with a face value of Rs 2.3 crore and believe that the gang can have links with the illegal immigration rackets operating from Nepal and Bangladesh. The gang has also been producing fake passports of African and European countries and rough estimates show that they had sent over 110 men out of the country using fake documents and currencies. Most of those who sought their help were African nationals, whose passports and other travel documents had been confiscated by the Indian authorities after they violated Indian laws.

“The printing was exquisite and they could even reproduce the impression of the water mark of the genuine US Dollar. The prepared fake passports of the African countries were provided to the citizens of African countries whose passports had either been impounded in criminal cases or they had entered India illegally through the neighboring countries. The accused used multimedia technology software like Autocad, Corel Draw and other software for preparing the counterfeit dollars and fake documents,” said additional DCP (crime) Sanjay Bhatia.

The suspects had been running their office from Ganesh Nagar in east Delhi for the last one year.

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