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Passport fraud goes unchecked – Foreign Identity Document examinations required by HR

Confirming an applicant’s identify is a common practice for HR professionals within the US. In fact there are many tools available to HR and background screeners to do so. That said extra emphasis should be placed on documents that come from abroad and should be closely examined by experts of such documents. Passport and identity fraud runs rampant in a number of countries as illustrated in this recent story.

The Regional Passport Office has identified at least 50 cases this year where the applicants, in connivance with passport agents, produced fake verification certificates supposedly from IAS officials, police and army officials. The Regional Passport Officer Mr K. Srikar Reddy said, “We have revoked 50 passports which were obtained under the Tatkal Scheme by producing fake documents. While cross checking we found that the verification certificates were not issued by the officials concerned.”

The Begumpet police had earlier booked a case of fake verification certificates involving army officials. A seven-member gang was arrested for forging signatures of senior army officers for the purpose of Tatkal passports. The Saifabad police booked a case after a passport agent forged the signature of an IAS officer on the verification certificate. Market inspector of police S. Vinod Kumar said, “Ever since the Passport Seva Kendra opened in Ameerpet, Begumpet and Toli Chowki, the concerned police stations have been booking cases of submission of fake verification certificates which were earlier being booked by us when the passports were issued at the RPO Secunderabad. Of the 14 cases booked, two are related to these fake verification certificates.” He also added that passport agents who were cheating the public were also amongst those arrested.

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