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Global Background Screening Procurement Advisory Services

March 20, 2015 Leave a comment

Aletheia International Strategic Vendor NetworkYour existing screening provider doesn’t seem to be knowledgeable about the source of information or what’s considered best practice in overseas background screening. –  your local hiring manager says that it’s illegal to conduct a criminal record check on local hires.

Looking to source a global background screening provider? Aletheia helps multinational organizations source and select the right global provider for their global screening needs prior to engaging a third-party service provider.

Schedule a meeting with us to learn how our strategic sourcing solutions can help your organization make the right decision.

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Lower Your International Background Check Costs, Increase Your Margins and win more global opportunities!

March 16, 2015 Leave a comment

Aletheia Consulting Group’s answer to screening companies looking to go global is not simply “outsource all of your international research support.” We help you actually build your own highly profitable yet competitive global product portfolio through a combination of direct access to sources abroad, domain knowledge as well as help you come up with “The winning strategy”.Aletheia Global Advsiory Services for BSC

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Restructuring or Downsizing with Dignity and Respect – Part One

March 12, 2015 Leave a comment

Have no doubt; restructuring or even downsizing can be extremely challenging for any organization. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary for many reasons. That said, when put to the test, it can press and will question all of management’s decisions and resources, including how well a business makes money as well as its profitability, but also the quality or state of the organization’s human capital let alone the mid to long term business strategy and goals.

Imaginably so many otherwise presumably first-rate executives who may have come in from “outside a very specialized and yet emerging market” may make the shortsighted decision to restructure or eliminate critical senior positions without consulting or even measuring the true needs of an infant yet burgeoning global organization.

They ignore all the signs pointing to a restructure or layoff until it’s too late to plan sufficiently; then action must be taken immediately to reduce the financial drain of excess staff. The tough decisions of who must be laid off, how much notice they will be given, the amount of severance pay, and how far the company will go to help the laid-off employee find another job within their field of expertise are given less than sufficient attention. In fact in some instances pre-existing confidentiality agreements may even prohibit an employee from even applying for similar positions within their own industry. These are critical decisions that have as much to do with the future of an organization as they do with the future of the laid-off employees, so they should be considered very carefully.

So what happens? These decisions are handed to the legal department, whose primary objective is to reduce the risk of litigation, not to protect the morale and intellectual capital of the organization. Consequently restructuring or downsizing is often executed with abrupt, ruthless efficiency that leaves laid-off employees angry and surviving employees feeling vulnerable, demoralized, and poorly prepared to start rebuilding the business.

Vulnerability is the enemy of high achievement. It produces a work environment of withdrawal, risk-averse decisions, severely impaired morale, and extreme blaming. All of these put a stranglehold on an organization that now desperately needs to excel. In this situation, downsizing becomes a contributor to an organization’s down-fall rather than a catalyst for growth and profitability.

These next few series of blog posts will be a little off beat from my usual articles, but I find them topic graphically relevant and will discuss recommendations for how to avoid the pitfalls of restructures and downsizing.

I look forward and encourage your thoughts and feedback.

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Compliance Update – Law Finally Outlaws ‘Back Door’ Criminal Records

March 12, 2015 Leave a comment

litigation%20As of March 10, 2015 United Kingdom’s Ministry of Justice finally passed a law formally outlawing employers and third-parties from carrying out ‘back-door’ criminal record checks on candidates in the United Kingdom. Violators could face criminal charges to include unlimited fines. Buyers of background screening services need to ensure screening providers are acquiring their criminal information in accordance with local legal provisions or could face criminal as well as civil sanctions by local authorities.

For years some third-party background screening providers as well as employers both within the UK and outside have tried to bypass a well-established lawful process for vetting criminal records for employment as well as other nefarious purposes in the UK whether by demanding a potential employee to use their rights under the DPA to see criminal information held about them (also known as ‘Enforced Subject Access’) or by other back-door routes of criminal court records.

Aletheia Consulting Group is the leading Global Background Check Consulting firm. We focus solely on providing industry leading independent third-party best practice advice to global organizations no matter where in the world your organization may operate from. Helping you make the right decisions.

Four Quick Tips for Selecting a Global Background Check Supplier

Use a Competent International Background Check Service Provider – More and more U.S. screening companies offer international background check services however it is not only important to make sure that the background check provider you are using is “cost effective,” but it is absolutely essential to confirm the fact that the provider has more than a passing knowledge of the the local laws governing background screening in the countries they intend to provide support to your organization.  Make sure the supplier only provides information that is legally permissible to access and can be used for employment purposes from the host country.

Make Sure Your Supplier Maintains Adequate Security of Personal Data – Ensure that your contract with your screening provider is in writing and makes reference to their adherence to local legal provisions as well as security of personal data.

Errors and Omission Coverage – Ensure that the screening provider carries sufficient professional indemnity to cover international data not just data collected and processed within the United States. Screening providers not thoroughly familiar with the necessary insurance coverage required for transborder data may neglect to cover data collected, transferred, and processed internationally.

Ensure the screening provider provides sufficient documentation identifying your organization as an additional insured on their policy as well as require certificate holder status information in your agreement with the screening provider.

Establish Personal Data Retention based on Country business rules – Make sure that both you and your supplier only keep employment application forms, data, and other materials collected during the vetting process (including databases) containing the applicant’s personal information based on country specific data retention periods. Ensure that the supplier does not use the information you give them on a separate inquiry i.e. shared access archives or previously performed background check services.

Aletheia Consulting Group provides multinational companies best in class International Background Check Provider Vendor Evaluation and Audits. If you would like to learn more about our Services for Multinational Employers please feel free to contact us at

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