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Privacy Policies not up to pare with Australia’s Privacy Requirements

Privacy_handAustralia’s Information Commission released the results of its assessment of the online privacy policies of 20 Australian and multi-national organizations many of which covered companies within a multitude of industries such as finance, government, retail and many other sectors. The goal was to assess privacy policies of companies either phyiscally located and or that collect, process, and export data from Australia against the new requirements of the Australian Privacy Principle 1 (APP 1) which requires organizations and agencies to have a privacy policy that is clearly expressed and up-to-date.

The Australian Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, said that all of the organizations and agencies assessed had privacy policies that were easy to locate but for some there was still room for improvement —55% of the policies did not meet one or more of the basic content requirements under APP 1.

‘Under Australian privacy laws, privacy policies need to include certain information so that people can be informed about how their personal information will be handled if they choose to deal with a particular organisation,’ Mr Pilgrim said.

‘The key to a good privacy policy is to make the information easy to read and accessible and we certainly saw some great examples of creative ways in which this type of information can be presented. However some policies are still too long making it difficult to locate relevant information’.

While all policies adequately described the kinds of personal information they collect and how it is collected, some did not outline how personal information could be accessed and corrected; how a privacy complaint could be made, how personal information would be protected, and whether the personal information was likely to be sent overseas.

This is keenly important for those HR departments that routinely recruit from places like Australia. Candidates need to be presented with clear easy to understand privacy policies if it’s anticipated that their information may be collected and processed during the recruitment and selection process.

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