Advisory Services for Background Check Suppliers

More and more Background Check companies are being asked to help organizations opting for International or Global Employee Screening or International Credentialing of Overseas Vendors, and Contractors in order to meet required due diligence requirements mandated by Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Global Sanctions, Know Your Customer (KYC), and a plethora of other compliance requirements.

Working with Aletheia Consulting Group we help background screening companies build high quality yet extremely profitable International Background Check, Vendor Credential, and Compliance Screening programs needed by today’s global business market.

Aletheia is not just another background check consulting firm. Our answer to background screening companies looking to go global is not simply “outsource your international screening support to 3rd party providers” shut your eyes and pray. We help you actually build your international product portfolio (IPP) from the ground up following industry leading best practice approaches that are time tested and proven. We help you come up with the winning strategy that wins more international business.

Practice areas include:

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