“I have worked with Terry for the past two and a half years as a business partner and a couple key characteristics stand out. First, his expertise in international screening and credentialing is second to none. His in depth knowledge was a key element to us securing large enterprise programs. The second and probably most important is his integrity, he is an honest, straight forward business man that can be trusted with clients and co workers. I look forward to working with him at Aletheia Consulting Group as our business continues to grow.”

Brian Heatwole, Vice President

“We brought Aletheia Consulting Group and Terry to our clients when they asked for an international screening solution. ACG’s knowledge of international screening and the privacy laws by country are absolute. There is no other person in the industry that can provide the insight and expertise that Terry is able to provide. I recommend Terry Corley as an outstanding executive with the ability to lead by example.

Patrick Guinosso

“Terry is someone committed to doing things the way they should be done. He does extensive research before offering services to make sure they are viable and legal. Further, his extensive involvement in NAPBS and specifically with the international group speaks well of his drive and desire to know everything possible about his business space as well as his willingness to educate others. I feel comfortable that if he does not know the answer to my question, he will research it and give me a solid answer rather than telling me what he “thinks” might be the answer.

Linda Thurmond Murrell, Vice President Operations

“Terry is one of the few individuals that actually understands International Background Screening. With all the variations of regulations, it is valuable to associate yourself with someone like Terry. I would recommend Terry to any company seeking guidance on International Background Screening.”

Bill Whitford, Chief Executive Officer

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